jedis. Road warriors / Jedi. Warriors of the road / live 04.05.2020 / 2+2 / Ukraine

(voices':41) Description: Daily information and analytical program of Jedai. Road warriors / Jedi. Voini dorig presented by TV channel 2+2 will introduce our viewers to the latest news of road events both in Ukraine and in the world. The issues professionally analyze legislative innovations, provide legal advice, present practical advice on car care, and conduct accident investigations. Each issue of the program will help pedestrians and motorists feel more confident, prepared in traffic, in communicating with employees of the road patrol service, at service stations and in car salons of the country. Find out and review everything that happens on our roads and make your own conclusions from it. Exactly Jedi. Road warriors will tell you, show you, teach you and warn You of the possible dangers that may arise in your car traffic. Watch on show-online.tv new edition of the Jedai program. Voini dorig new issue online

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