Duggar: Derick Dillard Takes Family On Grubhub Delivery

, husband of Jill Duggar, is currently delivering for Grubhub. In the fall, he shared that he was working for Grubhub. It seems like he was using the job to pay for law school. As reports, Derick is still delivering food amid the pandemic. It's unclear whether he has been doing this consistently since the fall. He's only posted about the job a couple times, so it's possible he took time off. Nonetheless, Derick shared a new social media either before or after work. He's standing on his driveway, holding a cup of coffee and a donut. In his post, he thanks a local business for providing food for delivery workers during these times. Grubhub and other food delivery services are getting a lot of business right now with stay-at-home orders in place. People can't dine out right now, so food delivery is a good alternative. Derick takes family to work with him On Tuesday evening, Jill posted to her Instagram story and revealed that she and the kids went along with Derick to deliver orders. Derick and Jill share two sons, Israel, 5, and Samuel, 2. She shared a snap of Derick in the car. He's wearing a face mask and appears to be picking up an order for delivery. Jill writes that there's tornado weather in Arkansas. And, she says that one of the people who just placed an order is named Dorothy, making a Wizard of Oz reference. Jill doesn't provide an update on the tornado and whether it affected her family. But, fans hope she and Derick stayed safe while making deliveries. Duggar critics worry about family's safety On , critics are discussing the recent post from Jill. They don't think it's safe for the kids to go help deliver food to strangers. The kids seem to be staying in the car. To make things worse, Jill mentions there's a tornado. So, critics argue that Jill and Derick are seriously putting their kids in danger. It's worth noting that many food delivery services have implemented new procedures amid the pandemic. Most are offering contact-free drop-offs. So, Derick might not even come into contact with people. He could just leave the food on their porch. Still, fans are concerned and wonder why the family decided to tag along. So, what do you think of Jill and Derick taking their kids out during a pandemic and a tornado? Share your thoughts below.

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